today while im driving to work I will think of you and get butterflies

today while im driving to work I will think of you and get butterflies.
as I approach the door to the girls locker room to hang up my coat, I
will imagine you on the other side half naked tryin 2 put on your
uniform. as im walking down the halls to clock in, I will picture you
running into my arms telling me how much you need me. when I see you
walk through the door I will forget 2 breathe. I will smile at you and
you’ll smile back and my heart will cease to beat. you will then hug me
as you always do and as your arms wrap around my body I will grow chills
and my mind will enter another dimension where I am the only one that
can have all of you. you will then tell me how you haven’t seen me at
work in a while and I will tell you that my hours got cut because of all
the new people getting hired, when what I really want to say is that its
been torture not having seen your beautiful face in almost seven whole
days. you will then look me in my eyes and ask me what I work as? and at
that very moment I will think of saying “anything you want me to work
as” i. you will then place your soft hands on my shoulders and ask me
what am I thinking about. I will snap back to life acting as if nothing
happen, smile at you and reply “usher, I work as usher.” you will then
hug me again saying how much you’ve missed me and that work has been
very boring for you without me. you will then fill me in on everything
that has been going on with you in the past week as we walk to the girls
locker room to make sure we look cute in our uniforms. as you speak in
your soft sexy voice to make sure that no one else hears the story but
me, I will picture that same sexy tone whispering in my ear telling me
how, when, and where you want me as I lay on top of you with my lips
attached to your neck. you will then see my blank reflexion in the
mirror and ask me if im ok. I will say “yes im fine” and you will
continue on with your story. we will then walk into theater 22 which is
where twilight will be playing and wait for it to let out. as you stand
in front of me watching the last 5 minutes of the movie, I will see how
the light projects off of the big screen and onto your gorgeous face and
my eyes will slowly creep down to your round bottom. my knees will grow
weak as I picture holding you tight in my arms and kissing your
voluptuous lips under a full moon. as the movie lets out we will hold
the doors open and greet the guests and I will take quick glances at you
as the guests exit. as we enter the theater alone to make sure that it
looks good for the next showing, I will imagine laying your head on one
of the arms of the seats and making love to every inch of your body as
soft moans escape your luscious lips. after straightening the theater we
will open the doors to let the guest know that they can now enter to
take their seats and we will move on to the next theater, repeating the
process until its time to clock off. oh how I love going to work.


1 Response to “today while im driving to work I will think of you and get butterflies”

  1. January 11, 2009 at 4:41 pm

    When you’re in love you can travel the longest road with nothing on your mind but the person who gives you butterfly feeling. 🙂 I believe in love and I know someday I’ll find it.

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